On AIR from Saint Paul’s Union Depot:
Final Mascrade

The Saint Paul Union Depot building is a historic railroad station in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The gorgeous building, especially the interior, is considered one of the architectural achievements in the city. Its construction was completed in 1881, and by 1888 – its peak year - it handled over eight million passengers. A fire in 1915 crippled the station, though it was rebuilt by 1923 after World War I.

After the advent of the automobile, the use of the station slowed steadily until its closing on April 30, 1971. Since then, part of the building has been used for the United States Postal Service.

In the past few years, renovations began in order to restore the station to it’s intended purpose - soon it will be an intermodal transit hub served by Amtrak trains, Metro Transit light rail, and intercity bus lines. In celebration of this, St. Paul Union Depot has also found its voice.

Archival picture
The Union Depot