On AIR from Saint Paul’s Union Depot:
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What does AIR stand for?

AIR stands for Amateur Intelligent Radio – a radio program that broadcasts in St. Paul’s Union Depot and on this website. Hosted by the voice of the building, the content of the show is part the host’s thoughts and material, and part stories submitted by users through the AIR website.

A is for Amateur: the radio is open to user contributions – you can use this website to contribute.

I is for Intelligent: the content is dynamically triggered by real-time data such as sky conditions, temperature, number of people in the building, bus schedules, and more.

R stands for Radio: tune in to the listening stations at Union Depot or stream on this website and enjoy the show – tailored to you and by you.

What is an Intelligent Radio?

Much of the content of AIR is triggered by real time cues that a special camera in Union Depot detects, such as the number of people in the station, who is tuned into one of the AIR listening stations, and where people are in the building.

The station is also fed by real-time data such as weather, river levels, local RSS news feeds, bus and train schedules, the number of online listeners, and more. Most importantly, the stories users contribute to the AIR website work in tandem with the atmospheric cues fed by the camera and the real-time data, making for an intelligent radio station that is sensitive to its shifting environment and participants.

What’s the content, how is it triggered,
how can I contribute?

AIR’s content combines both typical radio material such as the weather and the NEWS and more dynamic user-submitted stories such as memories, historical anecdotes, tips and suggestions, gossip, and much more.

Since the Union Depot building is your host, he will occasionally entertain you with his own memories, or tell you what he currently sees or has seen throughout the years, or if you tune in late at night he will read you passages from his favorite poems and stories, discuss unsolved mysteries, and perhaps spill the beans on some juicy gossip.

If you are a daily commuter, a St. Paul resident, a neoclassical architecture expert, or if you just go to UD because you like the food there, you probably have many interesting things to contribute.

Where can I listen to the radio?

You can tune in at special listening stations planted throughout the station – next time you’re at Union Depot, see if you can find them! Otherwise you can stream the station via this website on your home computer or mobile device.

Why do I have to sign up?

To be able to contribute your own stories, you have to signup. Because the voice of the building likes to have many friends, don’t be afraid, it’s pretty quick. You can even sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to write, share and delete your stories. You can also be notified by e-mail when your stories will be airing.

What are the broadcasting cues?

Depending on the type of story you write, you can set different parameters for it to be read by the voice of the building.

Example 1: If you want to give advice to people when the sun is bright and the temperature is high, just set the desired cues.

Example 2: Or maybe you want to wish all the best to people leaving the city in 5 min and going to Duluth?

What type of data do I have access to?

Time, weather, sun and moon phases, Mississippi stages, bus and train schedules and the amount of people in the station. You can use this data to decide more precisely when your story should be triggered, which is pretty useful to make a surprise love declaration to your loved one…

How can I report inappropriate content?

We do our best to keep inappropriate content out of AIR, but if you find an inappropriate story, you can report it – just click on the small flag button and our staff will immediately take a look at it.

How can I delete my stories?

After contributing, you can always delete your own stories. Just go into your personal menu / My stories and click on the small trash next to your name for every story you want to delete.

How can I delete my account?

In the left-hand menu, click on My Account then on the Delete my account link at the bottom of the page.

How can I edit my stories?

Well, you can’t.