On AIR from Saint Paul’s Union Depot:
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The Voice Of The Building

The AIR website is currently in Beta version.
We would love to hear your feedback,
please feel free to report any bug you find to: bug [at]

AIR stands for Amateur Intelligence Radio—a radio program that broadcasts in St. Paul’s Union Depot and online.

Hosted by the building, the content of the show is part the host’s thoughts and material, and part stories submitted by users through the AIR website.

A is for Amateur

The radio is open to user contributions—you can use this website to contribute.

I is for Intelligence

The content is dynamically triggered by real-time data such as sky conditions, temperature, number of people in the building, bus schedules, and more.

R stands for Radio

Tune in to the listening stations at Union Depot or stream on this web- site and enjoy the show—tailored to you and by you.

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